Our Mission:
Rico Beauty Essentials, a wig and weave extensions company, specializes in providing high-quality, natural-looking wigs tailored to but not limited to empowering women of color experiencing hair loss due to stress, postpartum, cancer, and genetic disorders. Our mission is to offer compassionate and personalized solutions, enhancing women’s confidence and beauty, supporting them on their journey to reclaiming their self-esteem and individual style.
Founder Story: 
After experiencing chemical hair loss in 2011, I began handcrafting wigs for myself. Upon obtaining my cosmetology license, I encountered numerous women facing similar challenges due to various reasons such as stress, cancer, postpartum, etc. This inspired the creation of my hair company, Rico Beauty Essentials, with a profound commitment to empowering and supporting women dealing with hair loss. I am driven by the belief that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful.